"Smart eyes" for quality control of a top dumpling brand

"Smart eyes" for quality control of a top dumpling brand

Integrating camera capture, central visual recognition, quality management system, and store manager app, the dumpling quality detection solution effectively identifies whether dumplings are fully stuffed and properly plated up, with an accuracy of over 90%. The solution has been introduced to 500+ stores, and the ratio of excellent dishes has increased by 20%.
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A top dumpling brand
A dumpling brand "committed to product quality" improves its management efficiency by making dumpling "quality" digital.
Project Results
  • End-to-end hardware/software integrated solutions for stores
    A total solution is provided to satisfy customer needs for full dumplings beautifully served on the dish. This includes a customized camera to capture images of the food outlet, a centralized algorithm to identify the quality of dumplings, a centralized quality management system, and a store manager applet to quantify the "excellence rate" of dumplings.


  • Large-scale empowerment by AI platform
    DataEnlighten AI platform powers online annotation by multiple persons, online hosting of multiple versions of models, and real-time update deployment. It greatly accelerates algorithm iteration and store promotion. The solution has been rolled out to 500+ stores, with an accuracy rate of over 90% and a 20% increase in dish excellence rate.
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