Private domain operation solution targeting single-store growth for brick-and-mortar catering and retail stores
Focusing on single-store growth, a private domain traffic pool is built on the system and operation systems, which allows two-way feedback between headquarters, stores, and consumers and supports company-wide closed-loop operation.
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Struggle in single-store growth
Struggle in single-store growth
When setting up more stores, enterprises should also maintain single-store growth. That requires effective quantification of headquarters and frontline private domain revenue.
Consumers out of touch when out of the store
Consumers out of touch when out of the store
As epidemic control and prevention becomes normal practice, stores lack channels to reach consumers on a continuous basis.
Dependence on public domain platform
Dependence on public domain platform
The high commission by third-party platforms increases customer acquisition cost, and enterprises need another growth driver.

Application Scenarios

Data Tracking and Incentive
Private Domain Fine-grained Operation
Public-to-Private Omni-channel Attraction
Construction of Private Domain Traffic Pool

"Attract - Execute - Convert" to build a private domain data funnel and maximize incentives for frontline employees

  • Focus on real and reachable fans in the private domain, and track consumer data to the individual/store level; accurately quantify the private domain contribution of headquarters departments, stores, and employees; and drive continuous private domain promotion through various incentive models

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