Helping financial enterprises go digital through customer acquisition and retention
Upgrades the conventional IT platform to maximize data value and service channel experience with novel marketing technology and cutting-edge industry know-how, delivering one-stop cloud solutions to banks, insurance, securities, Internet finance, and other customers and facilitating customer expansion and business innovation for financial enterprises to go digital via marketing digitalization.


Large data volume
Large data volume
A dramatic increase in data sources has generated more real-time and unstructured data, resulting in uneven data quality and poor data cleaning & utilization.
Extensive marketing
Extensive marketing
Due to extensive marketing, financial enterprises cannot attain overambitious targets with limited marketing budgets, and have to pay high CAC for promotion channels.
Low customer awareness
Low customer awareness
The data limitations within the industry lead to the inability to completely record data for existing customers, realize overall understanding and coverage of them, or respond to their needs in time.

Application Scenarios



The marketing cloud product system helps analyze and provide insights into the high-value audience, determine content and media strategies, acquire and convert more customers, and effectively accumulate potential customer data through look-alike modeling and precision marketing tools

  • Provides insights into generated contents & media strategies through accurate seed audience segmentation
  • Adopts the look-alike modeling and intelligent marketing and advertising based on feature analysis

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