Building a trainee-centered one-stop digital marketing management mechanism (to be condensed)
Capitalizes on the commercial value of data assets and enhances overall competitiveness for education platforms by building an interactive, efficient, and user-friendly marketing growth system based on the trainees' demands


High customer acquisition cost (CAC)
High customer acquisition cost (CAC)
A lack of digital tools hampers data accumulation and overall evaluation of channel optimization, including its effect, relevant brands, and data mapping between the two.
Various competing products
Various competing products
Differentiated markets can be hardly occupied due to lack of scientific research and evaluation of market segments.
Fragmented consumer data
Fragmented consumer data
It is difficult to integrate fragmented consumer data in different scenarios, resulting in inadequate consumer insights, underdeveloped label management, and unclear consumer profiles.

Application Scenarios

Consumer data management and operation
Intelligent management of front-end advertising
Establishment of an OMO marketing system

Consumer data management and operation

As a powerful management system for data access, data governance, data modeling, and data services, the Customer Data Platform (CDP) helps enterprises quickly improve refined marketing and operation management capabilities, while enabling marketing and operation to go digital

  • Helps educational institutions gain insights into and segment the target audience
  • Identifies and expands the registered/converted high-value audience
  • Implements targeted reach strategy based on consumer lifecycle

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