Fault knowledge bases built for substations increases the incident recognition rate and reduces maintenance costs
With the substation fault knowledge bases, the reliance on the monitoring alarm window is reduced to avoid the huge pressure on the monitoring screen in case of frequent faults. The problems such as insufficient recognition of alarm signals, inaccurate analysis, and non-standard operations have been solved, with the efficiency of processing alarm signals in real time increased greatly.


A substation maintenance center of State Grid
Project Results

Increased recognition rate of incidents and reduced maintenance costs

By combining the expert knowledge base and the substation topology, substation-specific fault knowledge bases are generated to solve the problem that general expert fault rules do not apply to different substations, making the rule maintenance easier and improving the accuracy of fault incident recognition. Unlike traditional rule matching schemes, our scheme is based on retrieval and analysis to deliver higher flexibility, improve the generalization capability, increase the recognition rate of incidents, and greatly reduce the rule maintenance effort.

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