Multi-brand private domain community operation platform of a leading catering group

Multi-brand private domain community operation platform of a leading catering group

A multi-brand private domain operation platform was built for the customer's over 10,000 stores against the COVID-19 outbreak. WeCom was utilized to connect consumers, stores, and headquarters. Through cloud empowerment by headquarters, an exclusive private domain traffic pool was built for each store to achieve customer acquisition, fine-grained operation and service, and online management.
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A leading catering group
The group has more than 10,000 stores. As its offline business got hit, it began to introduce WeCom private domain and build a private domain traffic pool for each store.
Project Results
  • Built a private domain traffic pool for stores from scratch and establish an exclusive private domain model
    By learning from leading private domain models, we established a comprehensive private domain model that leverage acquisition, operation, and service to drive core business to go online. By improving the frequency of communication and consumption, we helped store boost sales and membership. The success was copied in 10,000 stores nationwide, covering tens of millions of consumers.


  • Build a multi-brand private community operation platform and expand the reach of store services
    With stores as the operation unit, a multi-terminal system involving consumer applications, store tools, and headquarters management was built to enable total coverage of all platforms. Connection with CRM, HR, and other enterprise systems allows such functions as one-click "cloud" distribution of marketing materials, 360° consumer portrait, visualized store revenue, and centralized staff management.


  • Headquarters-store multi-role operation system and management iteration driven by market feedback
    A multi-role operation system involving brand, operation, cloud customer service, region, and stores was built with digital tracking system at the core and community operation mechanism as the guarantee. Through benchmark promotion and data insight, frontline staff and organizational decision-making were empowered, and market know-how was accumulated, resulting in increased life value of customers and fine-grained organization management.
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