Precise "transaction + marketing" closed loop for a leading catering group

Precise "transaction + marketing" closed loop for a leading catering group

We have helped a global catering chain brand to promote online transactions and marketing. Backed by SaaS unified platform and big data + AI algorithm, a closed loop of online transaction and marketing is formed to improve customer experience, conversion, and sales.
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A leading catering group
The group has more than 10,000 stores. As its offline business got hit, it began to introduce WeCom private domain and build a private domain traffic pool for each store.
Project Results
  • Build e-commerce SaaS platform from scratch and power fast opening for multiple brands
    Through the WYSIWYG SaaS platform, merchants are empowered with online digital capabilities and consistent consumer experience. When the platform is launched, merchants can get self-operated, third-party, dine-in, takeaway, and delivery orders, and access CRM marketing management capabilities such as diverse marketing diversion and fission. Online opening of new brands is shortened to less than two weeks.


  • Intelligent delivery and online real-time operation secure the best results across the board
    Through the business circle model, meal preparation time model, and manpower estimation model powered by big data modeling and operation algorithms, customers can dynamically divide the business circle, adjust the orders, and dispatch riders. That can bring up the total sales in each business circle and increase the delivery rate within 30 minutes by 5%.


  • Intelligent recommendation and retention for better transaction results
    Supported by consumer attribute modeling, analysis of consumer behavior and habits, and data about people, product, and place, marketing campaigns and products are recommended to consumers and coupons are sent to potentially churning customers. The conversion rate is boosted by 5%, with sales growth by more than 10 million yuan.
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