AI-powered digital operation of stores for a leading catering group

AI-powered digital operation of stores for a leading catering group

Aided by the store inspection platform and AI inspection, the catering group can discover any potential problems in a timely manner, automatically detect SOP specifications, and improve store inspection efficiency. The system covers 3,000+ stores and can complete rectification within 60 minutes. The average monthly cost of store inspection came down by 40%.
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A leading catering group
The group has more than 10,000 stores. As its offline business got hit, it began to introduce WeCom private domain and build a private domain traffic pool for each store.
Project Results
  • Rectification completed within 60 minutes and average monthly cost of store inspection down by 40%
    A central visualized remote platform is built to pinpoint potential problems in stores in a timely manner, improve internal communication efficiency, and complete the closed loop of rectification within 60 minutes. The challenge in time-consuming and labor-intensive manual store inspection is solved, bringing down the average monthly cost of store inspection by 40%.


  • AI visual algorithm to effectively identify store safety, specification, and hygiene problems
    AI algorithms help effectively identify raw material/ cooked food quality, staff production standard, and dress code, and promote the standardization of store operation. Face and track recognition supports store intrusion detection and unmanned receipt, which greatly boosts the operational efficiency.


  • AI platform + edge computing ensures large-scale application of AI scenarios
    AI platform + edge computing promotes remote management, deployment, and monitoring of devices and algorithm models, along with faster processing of multiple store scenarios and timely feedback on operational issues. More than 90,000 devices in 1,700+ stores are covered.
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